Suspension for 23 Customs and Tax Officers

Following the police operation code-named Pandora the Indirect Taxation Authority in BiH has suspended 23 employees suspected of committing criminal offences.

After the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) ruled one month detention for five employees of the Indirect Taxation Authority in BiH, the Authority suspended the suspects Zdravko Cvjetinović, Janko Jovanović, Milanko Nikić, Miroslav Kragulj and Zoran Cvjetinović. They have all been arrested in a police operation code-named Pandora.

Kemal Čaušević Placed in Detention
The Court of BiH ruled detention for Kemal Čaušević, former director of UIO BiH, to guard against his fleeing the country, hiding evidence and tampering with witnesses.

According to the agency, other suspended employees are Alija Mašić, Sveto Mijić, Ljubomir Vlajinić, Dragan Tomić, Dejan Pavić, Nermin Hrustić, Aleksandar Petrović, Hajrudin Muminović, Faruk Šušnjara, Danijel Stojčić, Boro Marjanović, Radan Kuzmanović, Mišo Novković, Veseljko Starčević, Edvina Ađulović, Dejan Nožica, Mirko Ivić and Josip Kovačević who have been subjected to restrictions such as a travel ban outside of their home town.

The Authority’s press releases stated that its management was fully supporting the police operation and that it was making itself available to the BiH Prosecutor’s Office for any additional materials that could help during the investigation.

Separate from the judicial proceedings, the Authority would conduct its own disciplinary proceedings to establish the responsibility of any of its officers.