The Zenica Government Treat For The World’s Ore Traders

The Zenica-Doboj Canton favored the company Adriatic Metals, awarding them concessions in Vareš thus depriving the budget of nearly five million marks. In return, illegal stone mining and road reconstruction left the locals with a devastated picnic area and stream.

Lager’s faulty goods

Lager’s faulty goods

Justice institutions are investigating the operations of the company Lager from Posušje due to deals worth around four million BAM. The company has been suspected of delivering altered machines to customers instead of new ones.

Sport as Political Promotion

Athletes and clubs with political connections get more budget money as politicians seek to use games for their ends.

Grants Without a Call for Bids

FBiH auditors have warned for years that during the Vahid Hećo’s term at the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, the criteria for grant disposal were not clear. Also, some companies never accounted for the money they received.

Grants to Politicians’ Private Firms

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry dispensed around 15 million KM in grants to private firms. At least 4 million KM of that was awarded to firms connected to the governing parties in FBiH.