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Millionaires Among Court-Appointed Attorneys

Over the course of six years, courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina have paid out BAM 58.8 million for compensations to court-appointed attorneys. Nearly BAM 10 million were paid to ten attorneys, although more than 1,440 were engaged in ex officio defenses.

The Ministry Hides Data On Spending Of Veterans’ Funds

The FBiH Ministry For Issues Of The Veterans And Disabled Veterans Of The Defensive-Liberation War refused to share reports on the spending of funds allocated for employment through veterans’ co-ops with CIN, even though the Sarajevo Cantonal Court had previously ruled that such a decision was illegal.

CIN Wins Two More Judgments

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court passed two judgments against federal ministries for non-compliance with the Law on Freedom of Access to Information. These are the CIN’s 13th and 14th wins for public data, transparency, and accountability of institutions.

Imprisonment For A Court Clerk

The Cantonal Court in Sarajevo has handed down a final verdict to former court clerk Ekrem Bezdrob. He was sentenced to eight months in prison for accepting gifts and other forms of benefits.

Anonimna prijava

Svojim anonimnim prijavama doprinosite integritetu naše zajednice. Molimo vas da iskoristite ovu formu kako biste sigurno prijavili bilo kakvu sumnju u korupciju ili nezakonitu aktivnost koju primijetite. Vaša hrabrost ključna je za očuvanje naših vrijednosti i promicanje transparentnosti.