New Properties Of State Ministers

Four ministers in the new convocation of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared nine new properties in the country and abroad.

Six Unreported Properties of Šarović in Belgrade

Mirko Šarović, president of the Serb Democratic Party (SDS) and state MP, and his wife Stojanka own six valuable properties in Belgrade, Serbia which he never declared in his asset declaration. While he denies having them, his wife says the opposite.

Million Property Swap of Zlatko Lagumdžija

Former president of the SDP BiH, Zlatko Lagumdžija, bought an apartment in Rovinj, Croatia, with a storage room and a parking space, as well as a house that he paid a little over a million BAM. For nearly the same amount, he sold a weekend house with land in the elite Sarajevo neighborhood of Poljine to an Arab company.

Nominees Hide Income and Assets

Data from politicians’ asset cards cannot be trusted. They often do not report all their income and holdings because there is no punishment for deception and hiding information.