Three More Arrested in the Operation Pandora

Those arrested are suspected of participating in the illegal import of textile in BiH as part of Anes Sadiković’s group.

Three persons — Almedin Rožajac, Haris Krujezi and Nurija Škiljo  — were arrested in the follow-up of the Operation Pandora that targeted white collar crime reported the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia andHerzegovina(BiH) in a press release. The three suspects allegedly belong to Anes Sadiković’s group which is suspected of organizing massive illegal import of textile by under-invoicing.

In this police operation 54 persons had already been arrested including customs and tax officers and the former director of the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina Kemal Čaušević.

Kemal Čaušević Arrested
Kemal Čaušević, former director of BIH Indirect Taxation Authority, was arrested this morning in a police operation together with 53 other persons, including some of the Authority’s employees.

Čaušević et al are under the investigation on organized crimes charges, customs and tax evasion, money laundering and abuse of office or authority in connection with the import of textile and other goods in BiH.

The Court of BiH ruled one-month detention last Friday for Čaušević and eight other persons, while subjecting twenty other suspects to a travel ban outside of their home town and meeting certain other people. The latter are Alija Mašić, Almir Kadić, Dražan Kožul, Sveto Miljić, Ljubomir Vlajinić, Dragan Tomić, Dejan Pavić, Nermin Hrusti, Aleksandar Petrović, Hajrudin Muminović, Faruk Šušnjara, Danijel Stojčić, Boro Marjanović, Radan Kuzmanović, Mišo Novković, Veseljk Starčević, Edvina Ađulović, Dejan Nožica, Mirko Ivić and Josip Kovačević.

Kemal Čaušević Placed in Detention
The Court of BiH ruled detention for Kemal Čaušević, former director of UIO BiH, to guard against his fleeing the country, hiding evidence and tampering with witnesses.

The court of BiH refused the prosecutors’ motion for house arrest of the suspects. The restrictions will not be lifted until the Court decides otherwise, with their review scheduled for every two months. In case the suspects have violated the terms of restrictions they will be taken to custody.

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