KS Prosecutor’s Office Checks On Forgeries of Prointer

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Canton of Sarajevo is checking the allegations about falsified documents the company Prointer ITSS submitted in the 2020 tenders of the FBiH Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, on which CIN reported previously.

State Minister Signs The More Expensive Registration Favoring Sole Traders

In the future, millions of marks from the collection of vehicle registration stickers could go to the coffers of sole traders instead of the budget of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is determined by the new Rulebook, which the state minister of transport and communications adopted without consultations and approval.

Prointer Tendering With Forged Documents

The company “Prointer ITSS” applied for a public tender to manage the systems fed with personal data of almost one million citizens in the Federation of BiH, submitting forged documentation.

“Black Mamba”, Radončić’s new yacht

Radončić_jahta_Crna mamba

In 14 months, Fahrudin Radončić, president of the Party for Better Future of BiH (SBBBiH) bought a yacht and an apartment with a garage in Podgorica for a little over four million BAM.