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Trebević Is A New Protected Area In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trebević, a mountain with deeply cut gorge valleys of the Paljanska and Mokranjska Miljacka rivers, is the 45th protected area in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Foto: Republički zavod za zaštitu kulturno-istorijskog i prirodnog nasljeđa

Nature Park “Trebević” on the territory of the City of Istočno Sarajevo has been declared a protected area by the decision of the Republika Srpska Government. The protected area of over five thousand hectares includes most of the Trebević mountain, all way to the Entity border and the valleys of the Paljanska and Mokranjska Miljacka rivers.

Trebević is the 33rd protected area in RS, and the 45th protected area in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The part of this mountain that extends over the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been protected since 2014.

The protected area is largely covered by forest, and characterized by deeply cut gorge valleys that form the natural border between Trebević and Romanija. It is rich in caves, pits, sinkholes and canyons, with a great variety of plant and animal species. The mountain has attractive landscapes of Brus and Dovlići, which are suitable for rest and recreation.

The protection study was prepared by the RS Institute for the Protection of Cultural, Historic and Natural Heritage, following the Istočno Sarajevo City protection initiative.  The decision declaring the Trebević Nature Park was prepared by the RS Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology, which is why it is classified in the Category V protected landscape as a nature park.

In 2020, CIN created a database of protected areas in BiH. The database shows all protected areas in the country, with their basic data and photos.

In 2020, CIN wrote about the protected areas which, despite being placed under protection, are threatened by uncontrolled exploitation, private interests, and neglect of competent institutions.

Protected Areas Without Protection
Uncontrolled commercial exploitation, private interests and the lack of government preservation efforts have endangered natural heritage sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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