Protected habitat “Gostilj”

Trava iva [mountain germander] (Latin name: Teucrium montanum) is the basic value of the protected habitat.

Natural monument “Mokranjska Miljacka Cave”

Public Forestry Enterprise “Šume Republike Srpske” [Forests of Republika Srpska], Šumsko gazinstvo “Jahorina”, Pale

Natural Monument „Vrela Sane“

U ovom zaštićenom području utvrđene su dvije zone − prva zona obuhvata izvore rijeke Bosne i njihovu okolinu, a drugu zonu čini prostor slivnog područja izvora u podnožju Igmana.

Prača Nature Park

The unique value of the nature park is the gorge-canyon valley of the river Prača with the caves Govještica and Banja Stijena, which abound with underground karst relief forms.

Natural Monument “Girska” Cave

Girska Cave is located on the northeast slopes of Mt. Ozren. It is a hydrologically active cave of a source type with a wide main tunnel and three side tunnels of a combined length of 1,300 meters.

Protected Landscape “Bentbaša”

Bentbaša represents a meeting place of natural and cultural-historical heritage. THere are 169 plant species recorded in the area with high biological and ecological values, while 134 species of butterflies, 50 bird species, eight reptile species, six fish species and one species of amphibians.

Natural Monument “Ledenjača” Cave

“Ledenjača” cave in Miljevina is primarily important because of its archeological value. Early humans lived in the cave drawings, most likely from the Bronze Age, have been found near the entrance.

Monument of Park Architecture “University City”

“University City” complex represents the most important park in Banja Luka. It is located in the area that belongs to the Borik local community board. Its most important value is a 270-meter long alley of 99 American Sycamore trees.

Nature park “Orjen”

Special value consists of endemic and rare forests of Bosnian pine and beech. Numerous bird species have been registered as well as native and non-native species of fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

Spomenik prirode „Žuta bukva“

Stablo žute bukve nalazi se u zaseoku Stolići. Osnovna vrijednost ovog prirodnog dobra je to što predstavlja, prema dostupnim podacima, jedini takav varijetet bukve u Evropi.

Critical habitat “Tišina“

The main values of “Tišina” wetland are swamps “Mala Tišina” and “Velika Tišina”, Odmut marsh and Žandrak seasonal stream. This complex represents one of the continental wetlands in the Sava river floodplain which is a significant factor of hydrological stability.

Forest Park “Jelića Hill”

This is a forest complex in the close vicinity of Laktaši downtown. It consists of the natural association of Sessile Oak with other deciduous trees. It can be characterized as a light deciduous forest with a noted variety of levels and numerous plant and animal species.